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‘Ronaldo raped me’ complains an American woman Kathryn Mayorga

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Amidst the hot trending issue of Tanushree Dutta in India, another shocking news have unearthed regarding the Portugal superstar CR7. Last year, a German magazine Der Spiegel has scavenged some shocking documents leading to an out-of-court settlement between an anonymous American woman and the star footballer of the Juventus F.C., Cristiano Ronaldo. The anonymous woman had accused Ronaldo for raping her in Las Vegas in 2009.

She had recently come out filing a new civil suit against the soccer giant in the court unveiling herself as Kathryn Mayorga. She had come out recounting her story with a first person account as in what exactly had happened that night in the Ronaldo’s Palms Place Hotel penthouse in Vegas and the repercussions it had on the victim’s life mentally and psychologically hence after. The woman was then a 25 year old aspiring model working in a downtown bar. Allegedly, after work when she decided to meet with her friend at the VIP area of Rain, a nightclub at the Palms Casino in Vegas.

There, Ronaldo saw her and tried to befriend her insisting on buying her a drink and ultimately exchanging numbers. Later, on the same night he invited her and her friend to join them partying at the penthouse hotel room. She agreed and brought her friend along to the venue which lead to what has been allegedly a mishap of series of events where the Portuguese star was being pejoratively stubborn trying to get her into the bed with him. The footballer allegedly took her in seclusion and was being unusually persuasive, initially and then literally forced himself onto her thus, raping her.

The lady, being devastated by what happened was in consequential depression for a prolonged period of time. She tried approaching to her lawyer about it seeking justice who then, proposed to seek for a private out-of-court settlement with him. Later, Der Spiegel released a report stating that the star had paid $375K to the woman as a settlement. Now, Mayorga has come forward again all guns blazing by revealing her identity and everything that has had happened exactly by filing a complaint. Mayorga’s attorney also mentions some documents in his possession, which shows Ronaldo himself admitting that the victim did repeatedly deny her consent during the sexual act. On the other hand, a lawyer for Ronaldo has denied the report and stated his intent to sue Der Spiegel.

The lady said, she had been really scared of coming forward with it given the fame and reputation that the footballer has, nobody would believe but the recent trending #MeToo has given her courage to come forward about it and she wishes to discover if there are any other such mishaps done by the star athlete urging people to come forward if they faced similar issue with the footballer.

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