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Wasim Babu – From being a bodyguard to being an entrepreneur

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As kids we all grew up dreaming big and thinking big and that’s what kept us moving forward. But do you recall we often changed our dreams as we grew older? All we want now is a settled job. But there are people who don’t stop dreaming even if they grow older. Wasim Baabu is amongst one of them. Why wasim babu? Well let us tell you why? Wasim, a local boy with fitness in his mind made it big for himself, as people say ‘an idea can change your life’. Growing up in Raipur, wasim found an opportunity to move out and shift to Mumbai around 8 years ago to get into the security and protection providing business to celebs. As a newbie wasim had no idea how to get into this business, but he always wanted to work with celebrities so he found his ways. He worked hard and built himself in order to fit in.

In 2009 wasim had the opportunity to encounter one of the film shoot and it was none other than salman khan’s film. He then saw two built up men, in black clothes surrounding and protecting Mr.Salman khan, from that very moment he decided what he wanted to be and what he wanted to do. It’s a saying that you never know when your life is going to change, and it’s only that one idea which can either make you or break you. With wasim it turned out to be a game changer. From being a bodyguard he has now opened up a celebrity management company that deals with providing security to the celebrities and also organizing celebrity events.

With his parent’s unconditional support, wasim has made it big for himself and made his parents proud. Wasim’s Father owns a scrap metal business and he knows that one day he will have to look after that business as well , but with people like wasim , they never stop taking challenges and working hard. He will take up the responsibilities of his father when the right time comes. Today wasim has provided his service to around 300 celebrities and around 5000 people from all over India are connected with his company.

Wasim has also acted out in some of the TV serials, but has always played a bad guy. He loves camera and love it.

Did you know that the first celebrity he ever protected as a bodyguard was Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi, back in 2010? Well it all takes an idea my friends and a tad bit of a hard work.

Wasim’s story tells us that, presence of mind is the key towards success.

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