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The Emerging Star of Chhattisgarh: Swapneel jaiswal

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As kids we have always wondered what we wanted to become when we grow old. At times we changed our options as and when we started to get old and started to see the reality.  But some people are born with inbuilt passion for what they love and that’s what takes them to heights in life.  You need passion, hard work and dedication to deserve what you want to achieve.

Let us tell you about a boy who always dreamt of being a sensational singer. Growing up all he wanted to do was sing and he put his heart and soul in it. Yes we are talking about the current YouTube sensation Swapneel jaiswal .  Swapneel is from a small town in Chhattisgarh i.e  Ambikapur, but he always dreamt of making it big on his own. Swapneel is the best emerging talent from Chhattisgarh known for his music. He did his BA honors in music from indira kala sangeet vishwavidhyalaya khairagarh. He learnt classical music there but was always attracted to the pop culture that is currently ruling india. He is a music composer, singer, guitarist and a you tuber. He has given his voice for various government campaigns. He has also sung for a Guajarati movie which became a hit song.




Like every other dreamer trying to make his way to bollywood, swapneel also tried his luck there and it somehow worked for it. He struggles there for quite some time. Despite of being so talented he had to struggle and that’s how he became a you tuber. He used to compose his songs and produce a video for his songs and he did it all by himself and now his videos are highly recommended by his you tube fam jam. They listen to every song he posts. And trust us once you hear him sing you will become a fan of swapneel jaiswal yourself.

While talking to us, Swapneel shared his life’s best moment when he met his favorite singer Ankit Tiwari.

He said “there was a cover contest hosted by the singer ankit tiwari and the best cover will have the chance to meet him and have dinner with him. I thought I should participate too and I immediately went for it. I never knew that I would be the winner of that particular contest and when I got the chance to meet him I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say to him. I mean it was Ankit tiwari standing in front of my congratulating me. It was like dream come true for me.”



Swapneel’s music videos are loved by everyone. His videos cross millions of views as and when he uploads one. His first which got the attention of the people was the cover of the famous 90s number OH OH JAANE JAANA. It was an iconic song itself but swapneel sung it as if it was his song and he sung it in his own way and that’s what people loved about him.



What we learnt from swapneel’s story is that if one is passionate about his/her dreams nothing can stop them. Passion, Faith and Hard work is what keeps us going in the business. And people like swapneel who is a combination of these three main elements always make it big.

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