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Srinjay thakur – film maker

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When you have a dream what do you do with it? Do you keep dragging it till someone tells you that you can or you make your dreams come true? Dream is not just a word, your whole life depends on what you dream to become, or what you dream to have become. When in your twenties you are often confused with your dreams and ambition, but there are some people who dream to do big no matter what. A 27 year old srinjay thakur is a perfect example of dreaming big and making it true, do you know why? Because he loves to take risk. Srinjay has done his schooling from rajnandgaon and was interested in cinematography since he first saw a camera. He has done his bachelors from the college of arts, Delhi University. He is a keen observer and loves to capture moments. Since his college days he started making short films and soon after he published his first film which got a lot of recognition.The name of his first short film was LIFE. The story of LIFE is inspired by srinjay’s own life. He shot that film in Chhattisgarhi and used the real life locations. His first film LIFE got Silver comma alp virama 2014 award, his film was loved by people all over the Asia and got a lot of appreciation by the jury as well as the audience. His second short film was Baghwa which got the special jury mention award in the same film festival mentioned above. Baghwa is also a Chhattisgarhi short film which is again inspired by srinjay’s own life.

“I am a rather shy person when it comes to camera and me facing it, but I am confident when I am behind the camera and capturing the moment” – Srinjay Thakur

When asked if his parents supported him, he said “I belong to a family where my parents expects me to earn as I am a son , but it took me awhile to start earning, it was difficult for me to convince them , but I had a dream and I had to follow it no matter what”

Srinjay made chhattisgrah proud not once but twice, he didn’t even have enough budget to make those films but he managed to follow his dreams and made his state and his country proud with his talent.

“I want to keep making films in Chhattisgarhi, because Chhattisgarh is very rich in culture and in nature and I want to show it all to the world” – Srinjay Thakur

Srinjay is an inspiration for all of us, if you have a dream you got have to live it.

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