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Rustam Sarang – A Man with Dreams

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When life gives you lemons? What do you do with it? Do you add some salt and sugar and make lemonade out of it or you keep squeezing the lemon till it’s over? If you are doing the latter, then we must tell you that you are not living your dreams and ambition. One thing that we should definitely learn from Rustam is how to make delicious lemonade?  We must sound crazy to you but you have to wait till you get to know Mr.Rustam.

Rustam Sarang is an international weightlifting champion, he has dedicated all his life doing what he loved the most. His father was a renowned weightlifting champion and he just followed the footsteps of his father.  You know the most amazing thing about Rustam is that, he is not a quitter. He never had luxurious facilities in his life, to train himself for the championships and the competitions. But he made it happen. He did it without any luxury and made his family and his country and his state proud. He participated in world weightlifting championship in Olympic qualification event 2011(Paris) France. He Secured 25th rank in 62kg Body weight category. He won National championship in 2011, 2012 & 2014. He is a 33rd National games silver medalist (2007). He is also a 35th national Games Gold medalist (2015).

Life has always been unfair for Rustam. When he came back to his state claiming that he represented his state, state government did not agree to his achievements. He felt bad. He felt extremely bad that he did so much for his state and his country but is still struggling with his identity. But it did not stop Rustam, he continued with his training and now he trains children who are very much interested in weightlifting all free of cost. He has now trained around 50-55 students for free. He just wants to represent his state and his country and win medals for it. He is fulfilling his dream by coaching his students for free.

Rustam is currently into police administration and is doing great work in that field as well.

Now you might be getting our whole point of making a lemonade. Rustam’s story is an inspiration for people who think they aren’t getting enough out of life. Even with all the hard work all they face is a failure. Well to all those people , don’t worry about your failures just take your failures as a pride and make a lemonade. Because it’s you who can make your life and break your life as well. Take challenges as a part of life. Because that’s what Rustam did, he followed his dreams no matter what and is still working for that dream finding different mediums.


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